Sharon Wilson Orthodontics is an exclusively private clinic.  Fees for treatment are agreed with the patient/family only once a comprehensive orthodontic assessment has been carried out.  Fees vary according to the type of orthodontic appliance system (brace) being used and according to the complexity and severity of the orthodontic problem.  The following fee scale is therefore only a guide and is subject to individual assessment and treatment planning:



Initial Consultation (to include X-rays if required)

Metal braces (Fixed Appliances)

Clear (Ceramic) braces

Early (Interceptive) treatment

Removable retainers

Fixed retainer

Recall Consultation

£80 (FREE for kids & teens!)


Additional £400-800

from £400

£75 per retainer

£150 per retainer


All treatment is provided on a private basis.  Following initial consultation, the patient will be provided with a summary of Sharon's findings, proposal for treatment and a quote for treatment fees.  The decision to proceed with treatment remains with the patient and his/her family.

Orthodontic treatment fees vary according to the type, complexity and duration of treatment. A full discussion will be had prior to the start of treatment detailing all that is included in the treatment fees.

Payment plans to enable monthly payments over the treatment period will be offered.